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ProdecoTech Electric Bicycles can be purchased at Select Independent Bike Dealers and Local Retailers

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  • Our dealers are committed to maintaining ProdecoTech Standards of Excellence
  • Get professional advice to help you find the bike that is right for you
  • Personalized expert service by trained bicycle mechanics
  • There is a ProdecoTech e-bike for all ages and levels of riders and our dealers will get you riding
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Why should you become a Dealer?


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There are some simple fundamental reasons why YOU should consider becoming a dealer of Prodecotech electric bikes.

  1. Wide variety of e-bikes.
    We carry 23 different models and counting!
    Which means we suit the needs of many types of riders!

  2. Competitive Pricing
    Our pricing is significantly less than our competitors yet we don’t sacrifice quality. Just take a look at our site and the components we build our bikes with, made by quality name brands. Universally recognized parts are easy to service and repair.

  3. Built in the USA.
    Being built in the USA and using name brand parts like SRAM, Avid and Truvativ means you will get better, quicker service.

  4. 2 Year Warranty – view warranty
    Our competitors simple can’t match our warranty and customer service.

  5. New and improved manufacturing facility.
    The bikes that YOU want will always be in stock. They come fully assembled and adjusted, get on and ride as soon as you receive the bike.

Call 1-800-943-6190 ext. 1

E-mail sales@prodecotech.com

Just see what some of our other dealers have to say:

“I’ve been one of your dealers now for over 2 years and continue to exclusively offer ProdecoTech electric bikes. Although we’ve considered carrying other electric bikes, our research continues to confirm ProdecoTech bikes uniquely offer our customers the best quality, features, value, and warranty available. The Phantom, Mariner, Outlaw and Stride models continue to be our best sellers but we’ve sold all the models and enjoy telling our customers that no matter where they buy a ProdecoTech electric bike, they will be happy with their decision. I’m especially pleased that we’ve had very few warranty issues to deal with these past two years and your well-engineered bikes truly are trouble free. It’s enjoyable to be a dealer of such a reliable product. You and the ProdecoTech team have been very responsive to my sales, service, and support needs and I want you to know that I’m grateful.

I know 2014 will be a great year for Goebikes, Inc. and hope it will be your best year ever too.”


Randy Elliott
President, Goebikes, Inc.
Franklin, Tennessee

“San Diego Electric Bike has been selling ProdecoTech E-bikes since January 2013. This is the Electric Bike everyone reads about online. They are very attractive to the eye, and once you ride one, you want it! We actually encourage potential customers to compare to other brands because we are convinced that this product has no real competition. Although we sell and service other electric bikes, and build custom E-bikes, ProdecoTech gives us what most Customers want, & we sell a lot of them. Fair Price, Quality, and an American Built Product…WOW! I can honestly say that 90% of the models sell well. We have already received deposits for the new 2014 ProdecoTech Models, and our contact list is growing to notify these future customers when the new ProdecoTech E-bikes arrive.”

Patrick Winston
Manager, San Diego Electric Bike Co.

“Being that this is our seventh year in the electric bicycle business, we have found that not only is it difficult to find a good product, but even more difficult to find a company who will stand behind their product.   We have found ProdecoTech to be the company who does.  Not only do they honor their product and warranty, they honor their word. 
It has been an honor and a pleasure to represent their company and their electric bicycles in our shop, and we look forward to many more years of doing business with them. “

Linda G.
Owner,Electric Bike & Scooter Shop
Port St. Lucie, FL

ProdecoTech E Bike Dealer


Use the Dealer Locator to locate an authorized dealer
Call 1-800-943-6190 or E-mail sales@prodecotech.com